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Book Photographer

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.” Sylvia Plath, the Bell Jar

At 21, Bronte can’t remember a time in her life when there wasn’t either a pen or a book in her hand. She is addicted to books, writing them, reading them and taking photographs of them. At 16 she wrote and later self-published her first novel Never Mind My Thigh Gap which was loosely based on her own struggles with body issues and a model competition she entered. She would be the first to admit she did everything wrong with the marketing of that novel and was determined that by the time her next novel was ready, she would have a platform established for herself.

Now with an engaged Instagram following on Instagram of over 50 thousand, Bronte has found a love for creative book photography and also runs her own book photography business, taking marketing pictures for some of the main publishers in the U.K. She did all this while gaining a 2:1 in a Publishing & Creative Writing degree. Bronte has currently deferred her Masters to focus on her writing and Instagram business. She is a total introvert and proud of it and mixes her introversion tendencies with a huge dose of creativity, sarcasm, and wittiness which all make it into my writing.

Bronte is also an Ambassador for the The Cup Effect and wants to empower those who menstruate to be comfortable talking about their periods whilst at the same time, educating herself and others about period poverty and help tackle it. Bronte is also a Vegan and proponent of slow fashion and is doing her best to live a plastic free life.

Always in search of a good book, beautiful clothes, stunning locations and a good cup of Tea.

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